NOLA Food 3 of 4 – Four boys and a dog

Po boys are as quintessential to New Orleans as a great slice of pizza is to New York. While to the untrained eye, a po boy (or poor boy) might just seem like any ordinary sandwich, these sumptuous subs are anything but. A fresh, crisp baguette is filled to the brim with your choice of meat (shrimp, oyster, catfish, ham, roast beef, etc.) and fully dressed (pickles, shredded lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise). You can find a great po boy just about anywhere in the city you happen to wander into from upscale restaurants to gas stations. Grab half a dozen napkins and your appetite—here are some of our favorites:

Surf and Turf po boy from Parkway
  • Parkway Bakery and Tavern ($$)- The line is worth the wait! This Mid City po boy shop is frequented by visitors and locals alike and the lines prove it. Their fried shrimp po boy was our favorite (though difficult decision to make), but we would love to come back  for their famous golden fried gulf oyster po boy (only available Monday and Wednesdays). While you might not think you have room for it, order the bread pudding smothered in rum sauce. You will not regret it. One of the best desserts we’ve ever had!
Bread pudding from Parkway
  • Domilise ($$) – This uptown glorified shack serves up some of the tastiest, messiest, shrimp po boys around. You can grab a beer at the bar inside while you wait for your fully dressed sandwich to be masterfully completed. Don’t forget to get some of the beer battered french fries!
Pork Belly po boy and frozen irish coffee from Killer/Erin Rose
  • Killer Po’ Boys ($$)- Located in the back of a small Irish dive bar off Bourbon Street, Erin Rose, offers up a sublime grilled shrimp po boy with slaw. Also don’t forget to get one of the Irish frozen coffees from the bar for dessert.
Our feast from Melbas
  • Melba’s ($)- Open 24 hours, Melba’s is a local favorite in Marigny. Adjacent to a laundromat, this eatery has a kitschy creole, no frills vibe. Don’t forget to grab a selection of their sides and bread pudding. Bonus: they also have daiquiris on the premises!

If you need a change in your sandwich game or are looking for some late night eats, we recommend Dat Dog which takes artisanal hot dogs to a whole new level.

Dogs and fries from Dat Dog
  • Dat Dog ($) – Starting as just a shack post-Katrina, Dat Dog has become beloved by many and spread it’s wings to several locations throughout the Crescent City. We had the delight of dining at the Dat Dog on Frenchman Street after checking out some live music. You’ll have the option to pick your own sausage or veggie “meat” and as any toppings as your heart’s desire. Or, if you like to leave it up to the professionals, pick from one of the Chef creations. We opted for The Crawfish dog smothered in crawfish étouffée, sour cream, onions, and creole mustard. No late night snack is complete without a side of fries, so we kicked it up a notch with WTF fries.

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