Marfa, TX (Part 2: “No pizza for you!”)

At the beginning of our work week, we kicked off our time in Marfa with an early morning breakfast at an awesome little florist-meets-cafe-meets car lot with a tantalizing title, Buns ‘n Roses. We were welcomed to a perfectly simple eggs-any-way, huevos rancheros, and the best homemade donuts you’ll ever eat. These sweet morsels of awesomeness were light and fluffy and served hot to your table directly from the oven (fryer?). A great start!

One delightful donut!

For dinner one evening, we dined at a nice sit-down joint called Stellina. This place was a sharp contrast to Planet Marfa. The waiters had beards, undercuts, and thick rimmed glasses and the decor was modern and simple. While the restaurant seemed oddly out of place, our meal was superb–an appetizer of burrata, the chef’s modern take on chicken parmesan, a pasta dish, and desserts of apple pie and flourless chocolate cake.

Stellina Apple Pie

Our experiences at other establishments were… well… different. Based on our research we had to check out Marfa Burrito. This is a tiny little mom and pop shop that is supposed to have amazing authentic burritos. There were no hours posted on Google or Yelp so we decided to head in sometime after lunch, maybe 1:30 or 2:00. When we arrived we found what looked to be a little house with a patio and a bunch of people enjoying burritos! Awesome! Well unfortunately, when we got to the counter to place our order with the most traditional looking Mexican matriarch, we were informed that they were out of burritos. Or at least that’s what I understood. Bummer. Strike 1.

Random spot on the main strip. Maybe we should have paid more attention!

After missing out on burritos, we figured we would cheer ourselves up with some pizza. One of our interesting acquaintances from Planet Marfa told us we should definitely check out Mafa Pizza, so we decided we would do just that! While hours on Google and Yelp claimed the restaurant opened daily at 12:45, we found an empty parking lot and an empty restaurant when we arrived. The most surprising thing was that there were no signs of it being shut down. They had a regular old sign that showed their hours and nothing else. We decided to call the number on their website to see if they’d be open at all that day. “Thank you for calling Pizza Foundation in Marfa. We are currently closed for vacation.” And that was it. No indication on when we would have the opportunity to feast on one if their artsy slices. How nice it must be to just close up shop and return whenever you want… Strike 2.

Checkin out the scene at food shark while we waited for our food.

At this point we felt pretty defeated… and hungry. We decided to check out Food Shark which is supposed to be a top notch food truck serving up all kinds of different goodies. Only that when we arrived, all they had left was the mediterranean platter. No problemo. We love a good kebab plate, and this one came with hummus, falafel, all the fixins. What we don’t like is being told it’s going to be a 45 minute wait. It was like the Marfa gods were punishing us for our skepticism. Luckily Food Shark is set on a corner lot with classic cars, junkyard memorabilia, and an old school bus that had been outfitted as a dining room. At least we were able to keep busy while we waited!

Freda storefront

This was all in good fun though. This big-city couple still hadn’t been broken of old ways and we had just spent the last two months in NOLA and Austin who have the same “anything, anytime, right away” mentality. Luckily when we embarked on our shopping tour of town, we would be reminded more of home…

Goods from Freda

The first shop we stopped in was a tiny little joint called Freda that offers up souvenirs, handmade jewelry, fragrances, knick knacks, and select pieces of ironic-yet-hip clothing. We left with a $30 bottle of beard oil for Jonathan and a cropped hemp poncho for Brandi. We felt at home.

Cobra Rock storefront

Our next stop was the Cobra Rock Boot Company. When you walk past the bright blue neon sign and into the store, you’re welcomed by a plethora of old-school leather crafting equipment, because the woman who works the register is more smug than a barista working at a vegan smoothie bar inside a cross-fit gym and won’t make you feel any sort of welcome at all. If this doesn’t make you feel like you’re right back in NYC, than nothing will.

Cobra Rock decor

Alas, once you get into the actual showroom part of the store, you’re presented with some pretty amazing hand-made boots and denim. Stuff way out of our price range. Luckily they also had some area-related knick knacks and we picked up some neat post cards and a regional field guide that detailed the local wildlife and nature, which we were ready to explore!

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