After several years of living in arguably the most magnificent metropolis in the world, New York, we decided to ditch our urban existence and 9-5 grind for life on the open road. We traded in our apartment building in Brooklyn for a 2016 Fleetwood Bounder RV named Doris, swapped subway fare for a Jeep Wrangler, and set our sights south for adventure.

We were lucky enough to keep our full-time jobs and work remotely as a means to help fuel our dream to see the country (Jonathan a manager at a one of the world’s largest insurance companies and Brandi a public relations professional).

Our passion for music, food, culture and the great outdoors is the foundation for our journey. When we’re not out catching a live show or biking through the countryside, you can find us eating our way through the local hot spots.

Like a mixtape, here we will record a compilation of our favorite places, instant classics and new discoveries. We will also share lessons learned and tips for living the RV lifestyle. Take a listen, and we hope you enjoy the soundtrack to our experience!